Picture of Nathan Karin, Ph.D. Professor of Immunology

Nathan Karin, Ph.D. Professor of Immunology

Full Professor
Phone:  972-4-8295232
Nathan Karin is a leading scientist in molecular and cellular immunology. His major discovery (Nature, 1992) led to the development of the first FDA approved biological drug for Multiple Sclerosis. After graduating the Hebrew University Nathan joined the Weizmann Inst. for a Ph.D. thesis followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University School of Medicine, Continue reading
Dr. Jarrous, graduated (BSc, MSc and Ph.D.)  at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, while gaining large experience in cancer immunology (Eitan Yefenof Lab, MSc), and biochemistry (Ph.D. thesis). She then did a post-doctoral fellowship with Israel Vlodavsky (at that time Hebrew University) on cancer biology. She also gained much experience as a lab director at the Tissue Continue reading


Sharon Ben Tovim did her BSc thesis in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (BSc in Pharmacy with excellence). She has recently joined the laboratory of Nathan Karin as an MSc student. Her study focuses on exploring the mechanism by which the chemokines CXCL9 and CXCL10 direct the in vivo biological properties in T cells subsets during experimental autoimmune Continue reading
Sari Aburas has BSc in medical laboratory technology from Arab American University. Sari did a first MSc thesis in Biotechnology at Bethlehem University. Along 2019 he joined the lab of Nathan Karin as a major candidate for direct Ph.D. thesis.  His major research focuses on the role of the chemokines CXCL9 and CXCL10 in the immunobiology of cancer Continue reading
Nir Litver is a 3rd year student in the Medicine and Biomedical Engineering program and is a candidate for the prestigious MD/Ph.D. program. Nir has joined the cancer team in the lab and participate in the studies aiming to explore the in vivo role of CXCL9 and CXCL10 in cancer diseases. Continue reading
Nadav did both his BSc and MSc at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The latter was done at the department of genetics under the guidance of Prof. Ruth Sperling on the structure and composition of the native human spliceosome. Nadav then joined Natan Karin's lab in mid 2020 as a PhD student, with the aim to study the in-vivo role of T cell CXCR3 ligands CXCL9 Continue reading