Autoantibodies as regulators of T cell autoimmunity in human

Selective Autoantibody Production against CCL3 Is Associated with Human Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Serves As a Novel Biomarker for Its Diagnosis.

Shehadeh, N., Pollack, S., Wildbaum, G., Zohar, Y., Shafat, I., Makhoul, R., Daod, E., Hakim, F., Perlman, R. & Karin, N.J Immunol 182, 8104-8109 (2009).
This manuscript explores our target discovery platform in human diabetes.

Beneficial autoimmunity to proinflammatory mediators restrains the consequences of self-destructive immunity.

Wildbaum, G., Nahir, M. & Karin, N.Immunity 19, 679-688 (2003).
Base on this manuscript we have developed a target discovery platform which we are now extending to discover novel targets for therapy.